Sunday, 30 January 2011


When viewing the typical, reckless teenager, it is sometimes easily forgotten that we do face hardships, one of which being ourselves.  When my friend told me I was “so indie” I looked up the meaning, and unsurprisingly found the definition as “being individual”. But shouldn’t everyone be this? When wearing glasses is geeky, short skirts are slutty, and Abercrombie makes you an instant Sloane, I realised that us teenagers get a lot of grief, just for expressing, or being who we are, so maybe it is just best to follow the crowd. But no, I’d rather get teased than flash my (non-existent) cleavage around or simply walk out in leggings and ugg boots, as it’s just not who I am. So if you’re reading this, sporting the newest trend or wishing you could have the courage to jump out of that tracksuit and into a maxi, my advice to you, is just follow your instinct. Be who you really are, and individual.  

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I've fallen inlove. And this time it's with Topshop's new collection- Snake Valley. It specializes in festival type pieces, full of tassels, fringe, and funky tie dye patterns. The models all have dip-dyed hair, so inspiration, and look like complete free spirits! Every single piece is original- from snake skin shorts to crocheted tops, and I love how eccentric they can be. The jewellery in this collection is mainly turquoise, a hit colour this season. Also, the leather shorts i was wearing in my last post (knightsbridge) are from this collection, and i'm sure many of you will agree they are gorgeous. The prices are affordable, so it just proves you can look great, for less. Here are a couple of my many favourite items, prices at the bottom.

Flower Bead Earrings- £12.50
Feather Fringe Crop Top- £15
WhipStitch Floppy Hat- £25
Navajo Duffle And Rucksack-£55
To view this collection go to-

Monday, 10 January 2011

knightsbridge- 10/1/11

Life always seems to involve tons of travelling doesnt it? today i found myself relatively excited though, and didn't seem to mind the rather endless bus journey into London. My friend, Maddy, and I, were originally going to visit Kensington, for a charity shop binge (can't get enough of them). that idea was a fail, an epic one, as we ended up in some unknown area, rather posh, and full of drycleaners, so speedily decided on moving to PlanB, Topshop in Knightsbridge. I'm sure you'll all admit that, maybe once or twice (in your teen years, ofcourse) to taking photos in the changing rooms, a quick reminder of those beautiful items you just cannot afford. Well, unfortunatly that happened to me, today. here are a few of those sneaky photos, and (lastly) what i was wearing that day. Hope you like :) OH and tomorrows 11/1/11 WOO

T-shirt (which i ended up buying)- £22
Drape trousers SALE- £15
Button Shirt- £32
Leather Tassel Shorts- £69
All Topshop

Thursday, 6 January 2011

winter downs

personally, i hate winter. not just because of the cold snow, sludge, and other annoying wet things getting into your gloves and shoes, but the fact you have to wear a coat. over everything. when i saw this leopard print design in Topshop though, i felt the need for it. its stylish, chic, and very in. Only £85, i forced my mother to get this thrill for an early birthday present.

ash stymest- say no more

 so it was my friend that first told me of ash, and i'm so grateful. he's one of those models that you can never tire of gazing at. he's not exactly a pin up for most, but his sheer excentricity is amazing. he's 19, english. first scouted at the age of 17, he started with agency Models 1. his debut was featuring on the cover of vogue hommes, in Japan, which i'm sure you'll agree is a huge leap of success. so here are a few pictures of him.. just for you to gaze at too

so i guess this is it..

Hi all,
I think that before i start posting obsessively.. i should really explain my background and what you can expect of me. So, my name's Emilia, and I'm 14 from England. Born into a fairly average family, I find myself completly out of place. My guilty pleasure is fashion. I random in styles, from simple creams and brogues, to doc martins and crazy knits. I love punks, and quirky people, they always give me inspiration for looks.
When I am older, i hope to achieve a job worthwhile and challenging. Ever since the age of 11, that job was working in Vogue. Editor, fashion director, assistant...any i would be satisfied with. It's one of those things i will not be happy until i get. High aiming, i know! Every month for 2 years now it has arrived at my doorstep, and with every page of it i read, the lust increases.
So that's basically how I'll start.
Another place you can find me is:-