Thursday, 6 January 2011

so i guess this is it..

Hi all,
I think that before i start posting obsessively.. i should really explain my background and what you can expect of me. So, my name's Emilia, and I'm 14 from England. Born into a fairly average family, I find myself completly out of place. My guilty pleasure is fashion. I random in styles, from simple creams and brogues, to doc martins and crazy knits. I love punks, and quirky people, they always give me inspiration for looks.
When I am older, i hope to achieve a job worthwhile and challenging. Ever since the age of 11, that job was working in Vogue. Editor, fashion director, assistant...any i would be satisfied with. It's one of those things i will not be happy until i get. High aiming, i know! Every month for 2 years now it has arrived at my doorstep, and with every page of it i read, the lust increases.
So that's basically how I'll start.
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  1. First comment, yay :) I'm sure you'll get the job of your dreams and i love your quirky style. Oh and welcome to the blogging world, I'm sure your blog will get bigger and bigger :) Your blog is too cute :)

  2. haha well i'll try my hardest :) and thaaankyou mary x

  3. WOW Amy, you look so nice in all your pics! and your blogs are so nice! :) x