Wednesday, 28 December 2011


As a Christmas present, I had received a heap of black velvet. The material was gorgeous, and I knew immediately that I would like to make a skirt out of it. Seeing as I do not have sewing machine, it did take a vast amount of time, but it was worth the hours and effort!
Also, I already had a pair of blue boots (originally from H&M) I had glitter-ised them multicoloured, but decided they would look better black. I used fabric paint to cover them, and kept the glitter on the heels and cap. 

                                                                 Top- River Island

Friday, 16 December 2011


Today the Telegraph newspaper released their '2011 Best Dressed' List. If i'm honest, the results were predictable, however fully deserved. It mainly consisted of models, singers and actresses, for example Yasmin Le Bon at number 20, Keira Knightley at 9, and Rihanna at 7. I was suprised to find out that Kate Moss only appeared number 13, as her style has been dearly written about in magazines and such. Assistant online fashion editor of the Telegraph writes that Kate has "refreshed her wardrobe in accordance, be it for a grungy, beautiful bad-girl look". I was not shocked to hear that Alexa Chung appeared at first place. The model and presenter has received vast amounts of praise for her tomboy-ish look this year, and personally I love her look too!

                                                             Alexa Chung- Photo: REX

Sunday, 11 December 2011


Two weeks ago, an article was published in the 'Sunday Times Style' magazine which I was lucky enought to get featured in! It was part of their 'what are you wearing' supplement, and this is my interview writing that came with it-
If I didn't have a school uniform, I'd have to get up a lot earlier to decide what to wear. It can take an awfully long time. I like to plan looks before I put them on. So i'll think up an outfit at night to post on my lookbook blog and then wear it out.
This skirt was a petticoat my sister wore in a school play, the earrings are Topshop, and I wear those creepers everywhere. My other favourites are my red checked DM boots. When you see them, you don't think they'd go with everything, but they do.
I like looking at fashion magazines, not so much to be on trend, but for inspiration- say, if I wanted ideas to customise a piece of my own.
Young people should take the opportunity to dress how they want, because when you're older you have to fit in with whatever's going on around you.
I wouldn't like to think teenagers my age have to dress differently because they're afraid they might get teased by other people. I think it's sad when that happens. I think as long as you enjoy what you wear, that's okay.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Am I the only one here who deeply envies the new H&M beachwear models? One of which, Filippa Hamilton. This gorgeous 25 year old (who actually shares my birthday) seems to be plastered round every street corner, not only showcasing the gorgeous bikinis but also her amazing figure. The patterns consist of crazy zigzags, frills and florals, circulating round bold, stand out colours. At such low prices, I certainly know where i'll be buying my summer wardrobe! The beautiful photographs were taken by Patrick Demarchelier.

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Changing my blog photo, I realised something. I never actually wrote a post on my rainbow hair! Sure, it wasn't long term, but still something i will remember for probably, the rest of my existance. It was my sister who first suggested it, and to be honest i knew the school would object (which, i hasten to add they did), but at the time it was the holidays, and I thought, go for it. My friend, who is experted in the grueling task of dying hair, agreed to help me, and so after I bought five different coloured dyes from Camden, we were all set. I was so pleased with the result. Take a look and see what you think!

Blouse- Topshop

Friday, 29 April 2011

Great Experiences

A few days ago I recieved a lovely package in the post. It was the one containing photos from a recent shoot I was chosen for, much to my joy. A couple of months back, I was ambling round my local shopping centre, when two women approached me, saying they were from the modelling agency "Models 1". Eventually it led to this exciting day. It was wonderful, although i've never thought of myself very photogenic, i loved every second of this. The people were amiable, always referring to me as "darling" or "hun"! A week later they rang me up, and said that they'd like me to contact them when i'm 5 foot 8 inches, the minimum height neeeded to model. I hope you like the photos! Finally, make sure to check out some of my new looks at:

Monday, 18 April 2011


April's issue of Vogue was, i have to say, one of my favourites. 'The Right Lines' was an article showcasing the comeback of a usually dull trend, Stripes. Styled in the finest Prada, Jil Sander, and Marc Jacobs (amongst others) though, this was turned upside down. Tim Walker photographed the quizzical yet wonderful outfits, with models Lindsey Wixson and Kirsi Pryhonen. They really arn't your typical models, but their similar looks are so out there and doll-esque, I think the only adjective for both girls is beautiful. Posing with a parrot, pink fog, and frilly parosols, here are some of those bizarre photos.