Friday, 16 December 2011


Today the Telegraph newspaper released their '2011 Best Dressed' List. If i'm honest, the results were predictable, however fully deserved. It mainly consisted of models, singers and actresses, for example Yasmin Le Bon at number 20, Keira Knightley at 9, and Rihanna at 7. I was suprised to find out that Kate Moss only appeared number 13, as her style has been dearly written about in magazines and such. Assistant online fashion editor of the Telegraph writes that Kate has "refreshed her wardrobe in accordance, be it for a grungy, beautiful bad-girl look". I was not shocked to hear that Alexa Chung appeared at first place. The model and presenter has received vast amounts of praise for her tomboy-ish look this year, and personally I love her look too!

                                                             Alexa Chung- Photo: REX