Tuesday, 8 February 2011


this weeks been a tad hectic really. firstly ive been practising non stop for a concert i'm playing my double bass next week, aswell as tons of home work, and i really wanted to get a few lookbooks done. The one i posted a couple of days ago, "Born for this" really relates to how much i love fashion. Since i was quite young i've known i wanted to work in this field, and i guess my blog and lookbook is helping that, so yay :) the american flag shorts, from Topshop, are by far my favourite shorts. They're original, but not overly quirky (even though i often like that in clothes). They're now doing trousers with the same print on, which my friend is getting. We'll look like twins!

secondly was "We are broken". The leotard matches well with the shorts in my point of view. Unfortunatly my mother would say its too short to go out in though...

so i hope you like them, feel free to check them out using the link to the left :)


  1. great outfit! which camera do you use to take these pictures?

  2. Thanks so much for the note. Yeah, I'm a skins fan too. No matter how many notes I get about how 'bad' it is...

    So love your hair. Such great style in your outfits.

  3. Awesome look! All the best at the concert. Thanks for the note too.

  4. Love the first pair of shorts!

  5. thankyou :)
    and my camera is really nothing special, its a digital canon one

  6. Love these looks! The floral print shirt is my absolute fave, but the denim is amazing too! Thanks for sharing your great style with us :)

    VPV Intern

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  8. Lovely, romantic denim outfit (2nd one)! I love it! You're very pretty and you have amazing body! :-)



  9. I love both of these looks! So cute.
    Im obsessed with those american flag shorts, Im hoping to get some soon!